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S2 Episode 3: My First Thousand Years - Getting Better All The Time


A big part of being a doctor is solving problems. First, they diagnose them and then they come up with a treatment plan utilizing the best available medical equipment and techniques to hopefully fix them. But there are these other problems that sometimes arise from the solution because the solution is imperfect. There are issues related to risk factors and inefficiency, but there’s no better way. Until there is. Until engineers of medicine, doctors with degrees in medical technology invent something better, enabling us to live better, longer, healthier lives - within the limits of that invention. Until the next great epiphany, extending our lifespans and raising our expectations.

In this episode, Maggie Norby-Adams interviews Dr. Justin Barad of Osso VR and MedGadget and Dr. Jacob Kriegel of Alleviant Medical about their drive to develop new medical technology and how these advances may broadly impact the future of medicine and our world.

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