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Season 2 Episode 1: My First Second Thoughts — Let's Try This Again


...And we’re back. It only took, well, longer than we thought it would, and a whole lot of other thoughts and thinking. Mostly about what the second season would be, what subjects we wanted to explore, and what we could do differently.

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For starters, we could be more open about the fact that Med School Tutors actually created My First Cadaver as another amazing (and free!) resource for aspiring physicians who may need their spirits boosted as much as, if not more than, their test scores during this particularly difficult and confusing time of their academic lives. This is in keeping with MST’s mission to care for the whole med student, not just the part that may need help answering test questions, and we are proud of our “origin story.”

We are also excited about our new format, Faith’s new co-hosts, Maggie Norby-Adams and Chris Luggiero, and see all of these changes as rewards for the experience of Season 1.

Even doctors can wonder if they made the right choices and if it’s too late to forge a new path. In this season’s premiere episode, “My First Second Thoughts”, Maggie looks for the benefits of doubt in conversations with Doctors Pamela Wible, Emma Husain, Jacob Kriegel and Amit Suneja.

Because sometimes when you don’t know exactly what you want to do from the start, and even if you think you do, you can always re-start...somewhere.

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