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S2 Episode 2: My First Inspiration - The Art of Medicine

If you look at the word “inspiration,” there is another hidden inside it: P-A-I-N. All the letters are there, waiting to be revealed by those who know to look for them. The desire to quell pain is a common impulse of both doctors and artists. So just as a doctor seeks to ease a patient’s suffering, an artist turns to art to ease their own. Sometimes the doctor is also an artist, or the artist is also a doctor, which is not surprising when you consider the kind of creative thinking a career in medicine requires and the emotional toll it can take.

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Season 2 Episode 1: My First Second Thoughts — Let's Try This Again

...And we’re back. It only took, well, longer than we thought it would, and a whole lot of other thoughts and thinking. Mostly about what the second season would be, what subjects we wanted to explore, and what we could do differently.

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My First... Second Season!

Hey there! How ya doing? Yeah, we know it's been a while, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t thinking about you. And thinking about what you might be thinking about. Because that’s exactly what we were doing! Seriously!

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