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My First Season

Well, folks, we did it. We filled up every one of those twelve drawers with stories of angst and humor, absurd situations, confusion, and heartache ― and just in time for us to turn around and do it again! But before we start calling our favorite doctors and planning topics for next season, please excuse us while we pause to reflect a little bit and review.

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Episode 12: My First Goodbye — Too Much and Not Enough

Too many doctors and medical students are dying by suicide and too few people are talking about it. But talking about it is how we can help. By talking and listening and blogging and reading and sharing, we can do all we can to save these lives that save the lives of others. Until there are changes in medicine supporting the notion that better care begins with the best possible mental and emotional health of doctors and student doctors, we have little more than the clicks of social media to fuel this fight. Retweets and shares, hashtags, forwards and listens, and lots and lots of comments are how we can finally get this conversation started.

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Episode 11: My First Monkey — Beads, Boogies, and Bugs ─ Oh My!

Pediatrics probably has more in common with veterinary medicine than any other specialty. A good number of patients are drooling, non-verbal, squirmy little monsters belonging to caring, anxious adults acting as interpreter and advocate. There will be whining. There could be biting. There will be lots of praise. (“Good boy!” “Good girl!”) Possibly a puddle. And, if appropriate, a treat at the end.

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