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Episode 3: My First Patient Death—Questions From the End of a World

Death ain’t for sissies, but neither is medicine. Still, how do you know when a patient is really dead—and where do you turn when you aren’t prepared to make the call? Does being there at the end inspire you to become an internist or send you running to an entirely different field? What does your response to patient loss say about you as a doctor? As a human being? This won't be on a Shelf exam. This test is for your gut.

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Episode 2: My First Awkward Patient Encounter—Doc, Doc, Goose!

It sounds like a knock-knock joke, but from the other side of the door. Who’s there? When dealing with patients, the answer is often more unpredictable than you might expect. Charts don’t typically say, “Watch out! Naughty old lady with fast hands,” and it’s that element of surprise that can help keep med students and residents on the ball.

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Episode 1: My First Podcast—My First Blog Post

First things first: This first blog post for My First Cadaver is about the first episode, which is also Faith Aeryn’s first podcast. That may seem like a lot of “firsts”, but we here at My First Cadaver are in the “firsts” business. Med school and residency “firsts”, to be specific. And when we say “business”, what we actually mean is “beeswax”. You know, the sort you’re supposed to mind-your-own, but we don’t mind if you don’t! We love hearing and sharing real, personal stories and have found that, when chosen with care and intention, they can also be a fun and important tool for learning how to process the complex emotions associated with becoming a doctor and, in same cases, not becoming one.

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