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Episode 9: My First & Only Constant — Humanity, for a Change

When Faith asked doctors Lauren Robertson, Emma Husain and Pranay Sinha what they would change in medicine, she expected to hear a chorus of sighs, and tales of red tape, bad policies and broken systems. What she heard instead made us reevaluate what it means to change and make change, answers that called for intimacy and real human connection as weapons in the crusade for better care.

And so the podcast that was supposed to be about “change” changed. Rather than examples of inhuman forces making the act of human care challenging, it became a story of how when faced with human problems, doctors and patients must become more human about the way they approach and solve them. With compassion, our first and only constant can truly be a change for the better. We are our only hope.

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Topics: Residency, Med School

Episode 8: My First "Darling-Honey-Sweetheart"— Conversations with Women in Medicine

You might have heard this riddle: “After a terrible car crash, a boy is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. The surgeon takes one look at the patient and says, ‘I can’t operate on the boy. He’s my son.’ Yet the doctor was not the boy’s father. How could that be?”

We really hope you guessed that the surgeon was the boy’s mother. But, if not, we get it. Even in this relatively enlightened age, when we’re in a medical context, there’s a subconscious expectation of a man in the white coat.

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Topics: Residency, Med School, Women in Medicine

Episode 7: My First Full Moon—The Transformers

Science kind of shakes its head at the whole “lunar effect” phenomenon, but ask an OB/GYN or emergency medicine doc and they will tell you that some of their craziest experiences occurred during full moons. So skeptics, consider yourselves on notice.

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Topics: Awkward Patient Encounters, OMGNFW

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