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Episode 7: My First Full Moon—The Transformers

Science kind of shakes its head at the whole “lunar effect” phenomenon, but ask an OB/GYN or emergency medicine doc and they will tell you that some of their craziest experiences occurred during full moons. So skeptics, consider yourselves on notice.

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Topics: Awkward Patient Encounters, OMGNFW

Episode 6: My First Big Mistake—The Gift of Schadenfreude

Like death and taxes—failure, embarrassment and regret come for us all. But for the duration of this episode we ask that you simply hang up your hangups and revel in the mistakes of others. As these stories were generously donated by some very smart people for the benefit of your personal edification, please refrain from snickering. However, feel free to partake in feelings of relief and gratitude, as well as to act upon all impulses to share in social media. (We're big fans of sharing.)

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Episode 5: My First Inkling—The Shape of Things to Come

Hey! Just what do you think you’re looking at?

No, seriously. That image up there, what is it? Does it remind you of your grandmother’s wallpaper? Or two birds getting it on? Something you once bought from IKEA? From their “restaurant”? Is it possible that what you find in a symmetrical blob is somehow related to why you are, or will perhaps never be, a doctor? 

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