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Episode 5: My First Inkling—The Shape of Things to Come

Hey! Just what do you think you’re looking at?

No, seriously. That image up there, what is it? Does it remind you of your grandmother’s wallpaper? Or two birds getting it on? Something you once bought from IKEA? From their “restaurant”? Is it possible that what you find in a symmetrical blob is somehow related to why you are, or will perhaps never be, a doctor? 

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Episode 4: My First OMGNFW—No Spoilers Allowed

SPOILER ALERT! Just kidding. No spoilers here. There’s a lot of wild stuff* that goes down in this episode and we are making the executive decision to reveal absolutely nothing more than exactly that. The reason is this: You can only hear these stories for the first time—once. And since we’re all about first times, we want to keep this one pure and let it hit your ears fresh. No keywords. No hints. Trust us. It’s much more fun that way.

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Episode 3: My First Patient Death—Questions From the End of a World

Death ain’t for sissies, but neither is medicine. Still, how do you know when a patient is really dead—and where do you turn when you aren’t prepared to make the call? Does being there at the end inspire you to become an internist or send you running to an entirely different field? What does your response to patient loss say about you as a doctor? As a human being? This won't be on a Shelf exam. This test is for your gut.

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Topics: Patient Death

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